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As you all know regular servicing of your caravan is vital, but many people over look the importance of suspension checks.
Port Lincoln Caravan Centre recommend and offer suspension checks to most caravan makes with certain suspension types FREE of charge.
Getting to know and understand your suspension capabilities is important. We don't put on our rubber boots to go to the beach or our thongs to go running simply because we know it's not best suited for the job. So for the same reason it's important to get the correct suspension for your caravan or know it's limits and correct maintenance requirements.
Port Lincoln Caravan Centre's service department can repair, service or upgrade your suspension depending on your requirements to learn more please read on....
Wheel Alignments
on Independent Suspensions
Tandem Rocker Suspension
Basic load sharing suspension, commonly fitted to most on-road caravans due to it's cheap pricing, the bushes and shackle pins often need replacing after 15-20,000km and the springs at around 70-80,000km.  Its a good cost effective option to upgrade your suspension to Roller Rocker at the 70,000km mark which is a more robust suspension with less maintenance required.
Roller Rocker Suspension
Very popular suspension also a load sharing system, with a big loop at the end of each spring where a roller runs in. The loop allows free play at the end of each spring for any smaller axle movement, while the larger axle movements rock on the main pivot arm. This suspension is more robust for dirt road travel, less costly for maintenance with shackle pins needing replacing around 35,000 and the springs around 80-90,000km mark.
Simplicity Suspension
Available with either leaf spring pictured or coil, has been on the market place for a long time, a simple but robust independent suspension system used on offroad caravans. These systems need very little maintenance apart from a re-alignment from time to time. Leaf springs may need replacing around 100,000km mark along with regular servicing.
Alko Independen Rubber Suspension
This suspension is a simple torsion bar system, requiring little attention, the rubberised cam system if rated appropriately will provide many years of maintenance free travelling. Suitable for light Off-road conditions, not ideal for extensive Off-road travelling, may need re-rubbering if wheel is getting to too close to the mudguard.
This independent rubber suspension still relatively new to the market is much like the Alko suspension requiring little attention. Suitable for light Off-road conditions, not ideal for extensive Off-road travelling, may need re-rubbering if inner edges of tyres start showing signs of wear and have done in excess of 70,000km.
Cruisermaster Independent
This suspension from Vehicle components is extremely popular on the market, ideally suited to Off-road travelling, lighter in weight then it's counterparts requires very little maintenance apart from the occasional alignment adjustment and regular greasing of the front bushes. Bushes may wear and need replacing once past the 100,000km mark, but not always.
Knee Suspension Independent
This suspension has been around for many years mainly used by one brand of caravan manufacturer in Australia. It's unique leaf springs may sag around the 60-80,000km mark if so you notice wearing on the inner edge of the tyre, it will require the leaf springs to be replacement.
Do I need a wheel alignment?
Uneven tyre wear should always be considered as a symptom of something being amiss. Many things can cause uneven tyre wear, wrong tyre pressure, worn or damaged suspension parts or most common the need for a wheel alignment.
Port Lincoln Caravan Centre  can service, repair or upgrade your suspension, we also do independent suspension caravan wheel alignments.
Please contact us for a booking.
On arrival you are welcome to relax in our air conitioned lounge room, have a Free cuppa and read a magazine, or you can leave your van in the drop off zone and we will contact you when the jobs done.
Independent Coil Suspension
Becoming more poplular in the last 10 years, these suspensions are often fitted to the higher end priced caravans built specifically for Off-road travel.
The Sugar Glider and Control Rider have a very reliable system with the sugar Glider needing work on the front bushes in excess of 150,000km.  Shock absorbers need to be checked every 10,000km, the occasional wheel alignment may be required on both suspensions.
J-tech Independent  Suspension
Unique to Jayco Caravans is a well designed, robust suspension and has become a popular addition to many Jayco Models. The shock absorbers will need periodic checking, and the front bushes will need greasing regularly plus occasional toe-in adjustment may be required.
Suspension upgrade from Rocker to Roller Rocker

Old Roller Suspension removed

Roller Rocker Suspension upgrade complete